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What are the available minimum and maximum credit limits?

Maximum credit limit available to a customer is INR 1,00,000 while the minimum amount is INR 10,000.

Is the process digital?

Yes, it is a completely digital application process.

What is the minimum documentation required to apply for a credit limit?

To apply for a credit limit you require a pan card, a valid Aadhar and latest (three) months bank statement

Are there any hidden costs charged during the process?

No surprises or hidden costs are charged at any point during the process.

What is the rate of interest charged by Healthpass?

Flat monthly interest rate of 2.25% is charged on your loan amount.

How can I top-up my Healthpass wallet?

You can top-up the balance of your Healthpass wallet through bank account, credit card, debit card or by depositing cash at designated local agents.


You can also ask your friends to top-up your Healthpass for you from their own Healthpass account via the “Send Money” option. Transferring money from Healthpass to Healthpass if free of charge. Please note that both sender and receiver need to be fully KYC-ed for this to work. You can upgrade to full KYC under the “Upgrade to full KYC” option

Where can I pay with my Healthpass wallet?

Once your funds have been transferred, they can be used for paying bills at empaneled health facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostic centers.

Are cash-backs immediate?

Yes, you’ll receive an immediate cashback of up to 15% on every payment in your Healthpass wallet. Cash-backs vary as per medical provider, for more information please check details mentioned against individual providers on the app

What if I need immediate support regarding Healthpass?

A 24/7 toll-free customer service call center will assist you in all service matters including SIM changes, forgotten PINs or locating an empaneled provider. 


You can reach the 24/7 toll-free hotline on 1800-1038612

Is Healthpass limited to adults?

Healthpass has no age limits or exclusions and can be used to reduce costs of treatment across a range of medical procedures by all patients regardless of their medical history and pre-existing conditions. As a Healthpass user you can use your app to pay for the treatments of any member of the family close relatives and friends at empaneled hospitals.

Can Healthpass be downloaded on all Android versions?

Registration is instant and can be done by downloading the app on an Android OS (4.4 & above) supported smartphone. After registration, customers can use the app to interact with Healthpass relationship managers, staff at empaneled hospitals, call center and cash collection agents.  

Can I send money to friends and family through my healthpass wallet?

Yes, you can send & receive funds from other Healthpass accounts via the “Send Money” option. Transferring money from Healthpass to Healthpass if free of charge. Please note though that both sender and receiver need to be KYC compliant in-order to use this facility. You can upgrade your KYC status by using the “Upgrade to full KYC” option.