Live a Healthy Life with Regular Health Checkups

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A healthy mind and body can be defined by factors such as lifestyle, food habits, genetics, stress levels. But above all these factors comes consistency and moderation. With the kind of fast-paced lives that we are living, there is nothing that your lifestyle or food habits can do if you are not consistent in your pursuit for a healthy mind and body. Similarly, keeping a check on your unhealthy habits on a daily basis will help you achieve the route of moderation.

Consistency and moderation along with listening to your body’s signs and symptoms is the first step to achieving a healthy mind and body. But getting a health checkup done is the best way to know how healthy you are.

Why should you get regular health checkups?

Health checkups can be quarterly, half yearly or once in a year. Getting these preventive tests are a way to increase the chances of treatment and cure instead of facing chronic diseases and ailments. For instance, chest pain, perspiration, shortness of breath are some of the few signs your body will give you a month before a heart attack. But to know internal signs like the gradual accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels is something that can only be diagnosed with a health checkup.

Benefits of regular health checkups

  • Checkup, Diagnose & Cure

Medical checkups assist you in diagnosing a disease before it gets too late. These tests also depend on your age, gender, medical history and lifestyle choices. For someone whose family has a history of diabetes, he should regularly get his tests done when compared to others.

  • One Test, Many Results

A Blood test is a gateway to get tested for many diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cholesterol and coronary artery diseases. This will further help your doctor in identifying how well your vital body organs like liver, kidney, heart are performing.

  • Lower Healthcare Costs

When you think about health, think about both, the present and the future. A regular health checkup will not only decrease your risk of getting any serious ailment but will also save your healthcare expenses.

  • Know your Body

Every regular health checkup will give you insights about your body. Basis your results, your doctor will further advise you to follow certain guidelines. A good example to understand this benefit is dental health, which is generally ignored by people. Early detection can save you from the damage at a later stage where dental surgery is the only solution.

The idea of any healthcare checkup is to ensure your good health. So make sure to always get these tests done from a hospital or a lab that you can trust easily. With the digital boom in almost every aspect of our lives, finding a trust-able health service isn’t difficult. Healthpass is one such app which not only ties up with trusted hospitals, diagnostic labs and pharmacies for health checkups but also caters to all your healthcare needs.

You can’t always be in a good shape but you can always maintain it for as long as you want. Before your body gives you a sign, book yourself a health checkup.