5 Tips That Can Save You Money On Healthcare


Of all the things that life surprises you with, health is on the top of that list. Not only does a health emergency challenge you emotionally,but you also have to deal with a flurry of medical bills that can leave you overwhelmed. And since healthcare expenses are unavoidable for almost every person on this planet, it is always better to plan this before any medical emergency strikes you.
From taking small steps like buying medication in bulk to big steps like applying for medical loans, this article covers it all.

Here’s all you need to know to about saving on your healthcare expenses:

  • Opt for generic medicines
    Instead of paying for brand-name medications, go for generic ones because a generic alternative of your current medication will work just like the branded ones. For example calcium is essential for bone health for which a branded supplement will cost around ₹130 whereas a generic one would cost ₹20 helping you make save upto 84%. This will in turn help you save a considerable amount, especially if you suffer from a chronic disease.
  • Buy medicines in bulk
    For a person who is on regular medication, buying medicines in bulk (of about 3-4 months) will again help them save a great deal. Get your medicines in advance and save money on package deals. Not only this, you will also end up saving money on your trips to pharmacy.
  • Don’t let your health issues escalate
    An annoying cough can turn into pneumonia in no time, if not given attention during the initial stages. This will not only increase the risk of suffering from a chronic disease, but also increase the cost of treatment. Spot the early symptoms and stay ahead of your health.
  • Sign up for a medical loan
    Let’s all admit this, medical emergency waits for no one. You never know when you might need money to cover your healthcare expenses. In cases like such, applying for a medical loan will act like the cushion that will save you from the cruel fall, especially with digital platforms such as Healthpass where the medical loan gets approved within a matter of 4 hours.
  • Know your health benefits
    If you have applied for a medical loan or health insurance, knowing the exact benefits you can avail is very important.

For example, Healthpass is a digital health wallet that provides you loan of upto 1 lakh rupees and with that you also get EMI plans that suit your earnings.
Once you know about the health benefits, it becomes much easier for you to navigate when you’re going through a medical emergency.
The relation that you share with your body is the longest and the most meaningful one so do everything in your capacity to make it work effortlessly. Lead a healthy and surprise-free life, especially when you have apps like Healthpass that will help you cover several aspects of your healthcare such as affordable medicines and checkups with various cashback offers on the side.